Tree Surgery Insurance

Lycetts Arbcover offers specialist advice, cost effective insurance solutions and an expert claims management service for Tree Surgeons. We have a dedicated team focused specifically on this sector.

We have expertise in advising Tree Surgery / Arboricultural Contractors, Arboricultural Consultants, Arborists, Landscape Contractors and Landscape Designers in a wide ranging selection of insurance products including Public, Products and Employers’ Liability, Professional Indemnity, All Risks on Equipment, Personal Accident and Sickness, Motor, Forestry Plant and Machinery.

Public & Products and Employers’ Liability

Public and Products Liability

Tree Surgery Public and Products liability insurance covers your legal liability to Third Parties (i.e. non-employees) for either injury or damage to property as a result of negligence arising out of work done or goods supplied in connection with your business.

This cover extends to include:

  • £10,000 death benefit for directors, partners and principals
  • DAS Legal Expenses
  • No height limits
  • Wrongful tree removal
  • Advice where no fee is normally charged
  • Manslaughter legal costs and expenses
  • Associated trades subject to approval

Our standard limits of indemnity range between £2m and £10m, with higher limits available on request.

Employers’ Liability

Tree Surgeons have a legal requirement to hold Employers’ Liability insurance if they employ anyone or engage labour only sub-contractors or self-employed persons. Our policy defines an employee as follows:

  • Any person under a contract of service or apprenticeship with the Insured
  • Any person who is hired to or borrowed by the Insured
  • Any person engaged in connection with a work experience or training scheme
  • Any master or person supplied by him
  • Any person engaged by labour only sub-contractors
  • Any self-employed person working on a labour only basis under the control or supervision of the Insured
  • Any voluntary helper

The standard limit of indemnity for this section is £10m, but increased limits are available on request.

£10,000 death benefit for directors, partners and principals

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity insurance is essential for any Tree Surgery business offering professional advice. This covers legal liability to third parties for breach of professional care caused by neglect, error or omission.

Cover can be arranged on a continuous basis, negating the need to complete a new proposal form at each renewal and benefitting from interest free payment plan options.

Where possible we will always look to arrange cover on an any one claim basis.

Our standard indemnity limits range between £250k and £5m, but higher limits can be provided if required.

Tools, Equipment and Plant

Arbcover tools and equipment insurance covers loss or damage to plant and equipment anywhere in the UK.

Awareness of security and property protection measures can help to reduce claims frequency, the benefit of which is reflected in reduced premiums. Cover can be tailored to meet your requirements, either specific items, or all owned equipment. Theft from unattended vehicles can also be included.

We are able to offer re-instatement (new for old regardless of age or condition) or if you prefer indemnity (based on the market value at the time of loss). Different levels of cover can be chosen for individual items.

Hired in Plant Insurance

Hired in plant insurance covers loss or damage to plant and equipment which is not loaned or borrowed by you but hired in by you, where you are responsible under the terms of hire contract, anywhere in the UK.

The standard single article limit is £75k, although higher limits are available. Cover extends automatically to include the cost of continued hiring charges following an insured loss.

Generally insurers will want to see a good standard of physical security, however, they are flexible and are generally prepared to adjust requirements to suit your individual circumstances. Theft from unattended vehicles can also be included.

Our Forestry Plant and Machinery

Our forestry plant and machinery policy is designed to cover larger items of Forestry plant and machinery such as sky-lines, forestry harvesting and forwarding machines.

Cover is arranged on an “all risks” basis including Fire and Accidental damage for specified machinery anywhere in the UK. Cover is provided on an indemnity (market value) basis due to the range and type of machinery.

Cover can be tailored to meet your requirements, either specific items, or all owned equipment.

Personal Accident and Sickness

We recommend this cover for principals and self-employed Tree Surgeons, Arborists and Forestry Contractors whose income would immediately cease if an accident were to prevent them working. Cover is 24 hours/day and applies to accidents at home as well as work.

  • £10k minimum death and capital benefit (including loss of use of one or more limbs or sight of one or both eyes) or permanent total disablement from gainful employment of any kind; and
  • £100 per week* temporary total disablement from usual occupation

This provides a lump sum payment following permanent injury or income payment following temporary disablement. Cover applies to all accidents wherever they occur. For an additional premium the standard benefits can be increased and temporary total disablement benefits for sickness can be included as well.

* No payment is made for the first two weeks of disablement and the maximum payment is for two years (accident claims) or for one year (sickness claims, if sickness is included).


We offer tailored protection for small and large fleets, whether company or employee owned vehicles. A wide variety of cover, use and excess is available in respect of all vehicle types from single commercial vehicles through to heavy goods vehicles and special types.

Our dedicated Motor Broking and Claims team can provide a personal and experienced level of service to ensure the correct cover for your vehicle or fleet.

We offer cover for single commercial through to heavy goods vehicles

Income Protection and Life Assurance

Lycetts Tree Surgeons and Foresters Protection Policy has been developed to provide a simple solution to Family and Mortgage Protection for industry specialists providing more comprehensive cover in comparison to a standard Personal Accident policy. Your policy, tailored to your circumstances, could include income protection, serious illness cover and life insurance.

Most people arrange life assurance cover for a mortgage and ignore the fact that they are more likely to be unable to work due to an accident, illness or injury. Lycetts Tree Surgeons and Forester Protection Policy could help cover these eventualities.

Income Protection Cover

  • Pays you an income until you can return to the type of occupation you had before
  • Or, income continued to be paid until you retire or die
  • You choose how soon your income starts
  • Access to specialist care and support to help you get back to work
  • Cash bonus when you return to work
  • Industry recognised 5* rated cover

Serious Illness Cover (SIC)

SIC has been designed to provide cover in the event of the diagnosis of a serious illness or injury. Some of the 100 conditions covered are unique and cover is provided for 55 conditions at a 100% payout rate and for 45 conditions at a rate between 25% and 75% pay, providing you with outstanding award winning protection.

For example:

  • Loss of hands or feet or single hand or foot
  • Loss of a single limb or loss of use of a whole hand
  • Surgical re-attachment of an amputated limb
  • Third degree burns covering as little as 10% surface area
  • Cancer, heart attack, stroke and nervous system disorders plus many more

Life Cover

  • Designed around your circumstances to provide either a lump sum or regular income payments
  • Cover for your family and dependents
  • Can provide mortgage protection life insurance cover
  • Terminal illness cover automatically included
  • Choice of level or decreasing cover
  • Cover that increases with inflation

This insurance policy is arranged by Lycetts Financial Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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